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Looking for an original piece of art made expressly for you??? my commissions are finally reopened!! make yourself or someone you love an original and unique gift! buy art and support independent artists πŸ’–✨
- - - -
** sorry for so many and strict rules, but if my commissions took so long to reopen, it’s because many customers use a long time to request their commissions/place the order **                  
so I beg you to collaborare and follow the rules to help me doing my job faster and easily ^_^ thank you! 
1. send me an email l0ll3hotmail.it with a detailed description of the subject of your commission (with all the details you want to include in), the technique that you prefer and the size. 
2. once I receive your request I’ll send you a concept sketch of the artwork and an estimate of the final price. then you will have 3 DAYS TIME to decide if you want to go ahead with your request.
3. if you decide to go ahead with the request you just have to REQUEST A CUSTOM ORDER on my etsy shop. when I’ll receive the request I’ll create a private listing just for you ♡ *ATTENTION: once I’ve created the listing you can’t no longer change your mind about the request, so if you’re not sure about it, or if you can’t afford the purchase in this moment, please, advise me before the creation of the listing ♡ ♡ ♡ 
once the listing is ready you will have 3 DAYS TIME to place the payment (so request the commission only when you’ll be ready to pay),  if not, I’ll go ahead with the further requests…
4. once I’ll receive the payment I’ll IMMEDIATELY start working on your request, keeping you updated with some progress pics… so you can supervise the work ^_^
- - - - - - 
I work both in digital and traditional way. price of my commissions depends on different factors, like technique, size, complexity, details etc….

t r a d i t i o n a l   w a y :
- media . stabilo point 88, pilot g-tec 0.4, watercolors, uniposca, letraset markers and acrylic paint on watercolors cotton paper
- sizes . A5 (5.8” × 8.3”) A4 (8.3” × 11.7”) A3 (11.7” × 16.5”) or intermediate sizes…
- prices . prices depends on the size, the complexity of the subject and the number of the details included
minimum price : 30/40 € - maximum price: 150/200 €. shipping costs are excluded 

d i g i t a l   w a y :

- media . ink on paper + photoshop coloring
- size . high definition 300 dpi jpg or png (I can also make simple animated gifs ^_^)
- prices . prices depends on the complexity of the subject and the number of the details
minimum price : 20/30 € - maximum price: 60/70 € 
- - - -
for every doubt or curiosity don’t esitate so ask me or send me an email (l0ll3@hotmail.it) ! ♡ ♡ ♡

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