27 December 2016

πŸŽ„ happy xmas πŸŽ„

yay! I'm on Holiday!!! this year has been pretty hard for me, so I decided to take a longer break for Xmas... I'll reopen my shop on January 7th, so, I'm taking advantage of this free time to work on some personal projects, spend time with family and friends, and relax!!

I finally found the time to customize an old sweater with some embroidered roses... I was looking for a sweater with roses for a long time!! so I'm super happy with the result!!
then we adorned the house with some super cute xmas decorations, watched all my favorite xmas movies, and baked yummy biscuits ...

I also found these super cute and comfy slippers!! 

I spent xmas with my family and pets...eating yummy food and having fun!! I also received amazing gifts...
rings / moon pendant / sweater : forever21 // velvet dress : handmade by my sister // shoes : quanticlo
witchy wallet : killstar

I've got a warm flowered quilt, an amazing witchy wallet and an huge magical candle!! 

now we're looking for other celebrations, new year's eve and family meals!! then me and my bf will leave home for a few days to visit his family!!
hope you're having some good times too!!! wish you all magical Holidays and a great new year!! see you on 2017!!! 

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  1. these photos are all so lovely!! i adore your new wallet!!! ≥^..^≤


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