9 February 2017

Lolle's magical art world

∩(♡ω♡)∩ *:・゚✧ I'm back!! 
I'm receiving many questions about the tools that I use and my painting technique... so I finally decided to answer to all this questions once for all with this post! 💘
 🎀  Lolle's magical art world 🎀
well, first of all it's better to talk a bit about the medium that I use...I spent a lot of time experiencing different techniques and different sets of tools before discovering the ones that better fit my art style...
everyone has a different art style, and everyone has to try and find the best way to express themselves..


After a long search, I finally discovered that the art technique that fits better my art-style is definitely watercolor painting! 
this technique needs the right instruments to be successful!
first of all, it's really important to find the right kind of paper! a good watercolor paper (usually is cotton made paper) it's essential! I've tried a lot of different brands and, at last, I found the one which works better for me...
I use a special cold press 25% cotton paper / 300g, the brand is Fabriano ... you can find it here  
watercolor painting is a pretty hard technique to learn...it needs a lot of practice and if you have the occasion, I suggest you to take some watercolor classes...
Generally, for this technique you can use watercolors...however, I discovered that other kind of water-soluble colors are more suitable to me (they allow me to reach a widest range of shades)...
these are the brands I generally use:

base sketch : pilot super grip 0.5 (lead hardness: H)
outlines and details : pilot g-tec-c4 (pink and black) / pilot choose 07 (white) / uniPOSCA pin type 0.7mm (black, white, baby pink) / uniPOSCA bullet shaped 0.9mm (white)
coloring : uniPOSCA bullet shaped markers 1.8mm (light pink, pink, black and other) / Pentel Art Brush (purple and green) / Caran d'Ache Prismalo (watercolour pencil : 001, 221, 211, 171, 111, 071, 081 and more) / Maimeri Venezia (watercolors) 

to store all my inspiration references I use pinterest! I have different boards where I collect everything inspiring...

in the planning stage, I consult my folders and I make a lot of sketches to fix the basic idea...
...and this is how the magic happens!  

JUNIPER ♥ speed-painting from Lolle on Vimeo.

once the artwork is finished, I use my digital camera (Panasonic DMC-TZ35) to scan it... unfortunately, in my house there isn't so much natural light, so this is not the best location for taking pictures...therefore, I always have to edit my painting pictures with photoshop in order to correct the colors and bring them back into their original shades!

and that's all! ^_^ ... if you have some other curiosity or questions feel free to leave a comment or to send me an e-mail (l0ll3♡hotmail.it) ♥ ♥ xoxoLolle( shop art prints  // other items with my art

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