26 October 2016

ϟ H A L L O W E E N ϟ

(ノ▲ヮ▲)ノ*:・゚✧ yay! halloween is coming!!

yay! I'm super super happy, because my absolutely fav festivity is really near! and I can't wait to celebrate and have fun!
I've always been into monsters, spooky stories and horrors...so Halloween is my fav festivity since I was a little ghoul... but, I live in Italy, and this is not a traditional festivity here...so during the years I had to create my own personal halloween tradition! 🎃✨
(I also talked about this on society6 blog...take a look ^_^)

I really love to spend the halloween week hunting pumpkins, searching ghosts and watching spooky movies!

I really love scary and bizarre movies, and little by little I'm collecting my fav ones...

I also have my personal top 5 of my fav movies to watch on Halloween week ...on the top of the list there are Hocus Pocus and Beetlejuice (but since this is my fav movie ever I re-watch it about 100 times a year...so it's really hard for me to be able to watch it on halloween =_='')...
hocus pocus ♡ trick 'r treat ♡ arsenic and old lace ♡ satan's little helper paranorman

I really love to watch these movies while sketching spooky doodles, backing some creepy cookies or craving pumpkins...
each year me and my sister hosts our traditional Halloween Dinner for our friends at my parent's house (that is a really haunted place, full of ghosts and mysteries)...
we always have a lot of fun shopping halloween decorations, making spooky dishes and craving pumpkins...
this year haul 
last years pumpking

  Our is a Costume Party, each year we wear a different mask...so, I already thought about a Spooktacular Outfit for this year :
bats dress : H&M ♡ bat-headband : H&M ♡ socks : topman ♡ shoes : quanticlo ♡ hair clips : similar ♡ tights : similar

I even found the perfect vintage jacket in the street market! it looks so vampirish!!! and it also looks great with my spooky pins!! booo!
pins : sad ghost club ♡ cat coven ♡ trick or treat from my pen pal

Can't wait to bake spooky cookies, decorate the home and have some magical time with my friends!!! After Halloween I will post some pics of our spooky party!!!
🎃   🎃   🎃

This is also the best time of the year to make art... this season is so inspirational, I'm always really creative in this period...so I made some spooky paintings inspired by Halloween and my fav movie Beetlejuice...
Haunted House ϟ Gosh I'm a Pumpkin
the New Home ϟ the Ghost with the Most

- - -
I also worked on a new Halloween themed sticker series...

 and I made some new spooky stuff for my shop!! Halloween is my fav festivity (Did I already say that?? ><) so I love to create weird critters for my shop!! I made a Skully version of my Maneki Neko thank-you cards ... I will add one with every minimum purchase of €10...and I'm also giving away a Spooks or Creeps postcard set (min purchase €20 // expires on oct 31) ... So this would be the perfect time to have a look at my spooky shop!! 
♡ new thank- you cards ♡ 

stickers : spooks or creeps ♡ trick r treat ♡ autumn 

patches : skeleton cat ♡ spellbook ♡ maneki neko
brooches : pumpkin ♡ skull-berry ♡ spooky sally
 ... I also created this super cute handmade bat-plush named Barbastrella!!
take a closer look at this weird lady here:


^_^ what do you usually do on halloween?? what are your spooky traditions?? what are your favorite halloween movies?? any costume ideas??
✨ 🎃  hope you will have a magical halloween 🎃 ✨

♡ thanks for reading 

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  1. I too love Halloween. Liked the Halloween favors you shared here. Have thought of throwing an incredible Halloween party at LA venue and finding it really awesome. Would love to use these ideas you shared. Thanks for this awesome post.


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