21 October 2016

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Casentinesi Forest (Tuscany) ©Lolle 2015
Hi  there!! (ノ♡ヮ♡)ノ*:・゚✧ my second blog post will be dedicated to my absolutely fav season and time of the year! Autumn!!! I wait for this moment for all the year! and now it's finally arrived!! so I decided to talk about all the things I love of autumn and all my favorite fall activities!! 

one of the thing that a love the most about this season is food! I love pumpkin, roast chestnuts, mushrooms, hot drinks and here in Italy we also have a super yummy dish named Polenta (cornmeal mush)...
and it's also the perfect moment of the year to bake pies ♡ ♡ ♡
♥ mixed berry pie ♥
pumpkin risotto ♥ chicken with pumpkin and basmati rice

I recently discovered to have a nickel allergy =_='', so I can't eat a lot of things for some time... fortunately, pumpkin is not included in the forbidden foods list! ^ヮ^ !! this gave me the occasion to try a lot of new recipes!!
Pumpkin Risotto is one of my fav dishes since I was a child! someone on my ig and tumblr asked me about my recipe...so I decided to share it with you!!  (ノ✩ヮ✩)ノ*:・゚✧

here is my Magical Pumpkin Risotto recipe :
(it's a bit hard to translate it from Italian, so forgive me if it may be a bit confused T__T)
Ingredients (for 2/3) :
a little white onion
200gr of risotto rice
1l hot vegetable stock
200gr of pumpkin
2 tbsps of grated Parmesan cheese 
half a glass of white whine 
olive oil and salt q.s.
a pinch of chilli powder
Method :
 Finely chop up half onion, and brown it in a wok with a little bit of olive oil...chop up the pumpkin into little cubes, and add it to the onion...cook till the pumpkin gets "soft" enough...then put it on a food processor and whip it to obtain a soft cream...
then finely chop up even the other side of the onion, brown it in the (empty) wok with some olive oil...then add the rice, let the rice cook for some minutes then steam with the white whine...
when the rice will be dry, carry on adding and stirring in a large splash of stock at a time, until you have used up all the stock – this will take about 20 mins. And add the pumpkin halfway in the cooking process (10 mins after the rice)... Finally add the parmesan and the salt... when is ready serve into a dish with a light coating of chilli powder... ♡ 
^_^ hope you will like my recipe! keep in your mind that Risotto have a really complex method...so it needs a bit of cooking experience...

Autumn clothes are definitely my fav! this weather allows me to wear my most loved items of clothing...Sweaters, cardigans, boots, denim jackets, suede shoes, beanies...
It's super amazing to go out for shopping in this period...and I found a lot of cool stuff out there...
this is my ♡ Autumn Haul ♡ 
green sweater : H&M || pink sweater : forever21 || mustard cardigan : OVS

flannels : dress - the vintage scene  ✦  shirts - flea market || skirts : made by my sister  ✦  forever21
jackets : 
denim - braderie 
 suede + furry coatflea market
creepers : underground   ✦  suede platform : quanticlo

...and these are some of my fav casual outfits...
- - - -
outfit 2 : backpack (vintage) / cardigan / top (vintage) / shorts (vintage levi's) / shoes (no brand) / beanie

I already talked about this on my old blog...
from September till May, every third Sunday of the month, my city hosts an Antiques Market where is possible to find every sorts of bizarre things...from retrò toys to antique furniture, vintage clothes (BAGS *_____*), handmade creations, strange objects, vinyls, comics and more... I really really love to spend sunny Sunday afternoons cool-hunting between the stands! this is so inspirational!!!
pics ©Fabrr
Fall is decisively the season for staying at home on the couch with a giant cappucino, a warm plaid, watching tv series all the time!! me and my boyfriend are really into tv-shows! we're dogged viewers, and huge binge-watchers!
I've started this Autumn re-watching two of my fav series ever... 
Twin Peaks // Stranger Things

I watch Twin Peaks every year, because is so magical...even if the show is set on February, I love to watch this on Autumn... and, finally, we bought the definitive gold box edition a few years ago! ✳ヮ✳ ♥ so I can watch it again and again as often as I like!
I also took the opportunity to watch again another magical series, which is Stranger Things... me and my bf binge watched this when it was released...but it ended so quickly! ╥﹏╥'' so I decided to go back to Hawkins once again!
then I'm also following even other series in this moment
Downton Abbey (Lady Violet 🤘🏻) // Westworld // HTGAWM // Agents of SHIELD 

...and I also have a long list of new shows to watch!

Autumn is also a really productive time for me! after the Summer relax, I get back to painting, creating, drawing ... I'm really inspired and I've go a lot of ideas and projects in mind!!!
...I've created a lot of new handmade items for my store, I've made some spooky themed artworks (I'll talk more about this in my next post)...and after years of hesitation I finally decided to try taking part to this year #inktober... I'm really scared, because, as I already said I'm a really unstable person, and I usually tend to do things halfway...but hey! we already passed the middle of the month and I've still not given up!!!

another one of my fav Autumn activities is to explore nature, walking into woods, parks, forests...enjoying the orange fall landscape...I love to walk on dry leaves, drinking tea on a magical park...I still not had many occasion to stay close to nature till now...I try to go through parks whenever I can...

...but I'd really like to have a little trip soon, explore woods, stay in touch with nature, relax and enjoy autumn atmosphere!

hope you liked this too long blog post about Autumn ^_^
thanks for reading ♡ 


  1. i love your new blog!! and this post! *swoon* i adore autumn (it's my favorite time of the year!!) and all these photos are so lovely!! xo

  2. Amazing post lolle! <3 I love everything about autumn and halloween. Actually that inspired me to create more art than ever! keep posting!

  3. i love your art and your blog <3


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